retail with a personal touch

As a retailer, selecting the retail solution that suits your needs is an important and often difficult decision.  Here's how we differ from many of the competing solutions:

We include services that can be used for online training, customization of the solution to fit unique business needs, and migration of data from other systems

We provide a complete solution that includes Sales Management, Inventory, Payroll, Purchasing, Receiving, Transfers, Report and Email Distribution, Rewards Programs, Gift Card Processing, and more

We integrate with many third party applications, including YOUR website.  That's right!   If we don't already have an integration built, our expert development team will build it

We offer our solution as a cloud service and as a server-on-site model

It scales easily to multiple stores and warehouses for a growing business

We can include source code to parties wishing to do their own customization

Our support line is managed internally.  No outsourcing.  No voice mail.  Just a friendly and knowledgeable support staff that knows who YOU are


Turn Key Solutions

A Network of Retailers Working Together

A common hurdle retailers face when adopting a new retail solution is entering all of their items into the POS database.  For many years we have provided tools and services that facilitate importing data from excel files, vendor supplied files and other systems.  Now, we've taken it a big step forward.


We call it the Community Item Database

It contains universal information collected from participating eRegisterPro users, such as barcode, item description, vendor and vendor sku/style.  This new feature allows users to more-easily add new items to their POS by communicating information to and from the Community Item Database.


This will benefit new and existing stores alike, saving users countless hours of data entry!  See more details about how it works below.


YOUR Data, your way


Business Intelligence and Analytics

eRegisterPro is filled with an extensive suite of reports allowing you to quickly and easily retrieve historical information to make better business decisions.  Aside from accessing these on-demand, we also include report distribution via email to members of your staff and management team. 

We include a tool to make your eRegisterPro data accessible for use in some of the most powerful BI (Business Intelligence) tools in the industry such as Microsoft's Power BI.  These tools allow you to easily create your own visualizations of your data.  Visualize, forecast, and drive better business decisions. 

powered by ibm


eRegisterPro is brought to you by Innovative Computer, LLC.  We have been providing hardware and software solutions for retailers and wholesalers for over 35 years.  We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and support.  Our project managers and expert programmers work together to deliver reliable and easy to use Point of Sale solutions for retailers nationwide.

Our install base consists of both modest and enterprise level merchants.  We offer our solution in both Cloud and Server-On-Site models.  Run as few or as many workstations as needed on our Cloud, or, we can help you setup your own Cloud.  With our Cloud solution, All of the software and data is processed on central servers.  Your data is always secure, and deployment of additional stores and workstations is simple.

Integration Available


Our approach to service and support is to streamline the entire landscape of business processes, thus allowing our merchants to focus their energy on sales - not on IT.  Have your shipping orders automatically process through UPS, or have your new customers load into your Constant Contact list automatically.  Your online store should know how many you really have in stock in real time, and price changes should be in sync.  This is what eRegisterPro offers.

Integrated Payment Processing


Integrated Payment Processing for Credit and Debit cards.

We are a VeriFone partner and reseller.  Our integration with VeriFone's POINT solution with VeriSheild Protect allows us to deliver a complete "out of PCI scope" POS solution.  VeriFone's MX915 and MX925 payment terminals provide Credit and Debit processing, digital signature capture, EMV chip card processing support, and contactless payment technologies such as Apple Pay.  Unlike many of our competitors, we allow our merchants to choose and use the merchant service provider of their choice.  

Payment Processing Middleware


Let us help you bridge the gap between your proprietary IBM RPG applications and todays payment processing technologies.  Our integrated EMV capable payment processing solution is modular!  That means it can stand on its own as the middleware you need to pair your proprietary IBM i (formerly AS400) applications with VeriFone MX series payment terminals.  Let us do the heavy lifting of helping you migrate from RiTA (Payware Transact), PCCharge, JCharge and other retired solutions now!

Servicing Many Industries


  • Apparel
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Beauty Supplies
  • Book Stores
  • Boutiques
  • Clothing
  • Computer
  • Delicatessen / Bakery
  • Fabric
  • Fast Food
  • Gift Shops
  • Home Furnishings
  • Jewelry
  • Liquor
  • Marine Supplies
  • Nursery
  • Pet Supplies
  • Toys

Our History

Innovative Computer, LLC is an IBM Business Partner.  Our first applications were rooted in accounts receivable, accounts payable and general ledger, coded in IBM’s System36 programming languages (RPG36, OCL).

As programming languages and system performance evolved, so did our applications.  We migrated to RPG/ILE, IBM’s high-level modern programming language, allowing us to greatly expand our offerings and improve performance.  In 2001 we released eRegister400 to market.  The solution was truly ahead of it’s time… offering our software as a service (aka SaaS) much like the trending Cloud solutions of today.  The “400” was in reference to the IBM AS400 server platform and operating system that the software was developed to run on, now rebranded as IBM i.

Hosting the application centrally reduced the complications of data-polling, and provided real-time access to information across all arms of a retail chain… from the POS to the back-office to the stock room to the traveling executive and so on.

The eRegister400 software suite has been industry proven as reliable, scalable and flexible.  This is in great part due to the trusted platforms that IBM has provided us over the past 35+ years.  

Retailers that are already intimate with native IBM applications (aka “green screen”) will find eRegister400 a perfect fit.  It’s feature-rich and easy to integrate with third party applications.  Source code is available as well, making this an attractive solution for those with unique requirements.

eRegisterPro is the next generation of our POS solution.  It maintains all of the accolades that our native solution eRegister400 has earned while introducing a new graphical interface to enhance the user experience.  This allows us to expand into MPOS (Mobile POS), Kiosks, and industries dealing with non-barcodable items (such as bakeries, fast food, etc..).  It also delivers a much more pleasant user experience; one that requires far less training by means of intuitive navigation.  

To learn more about our solutions, or to obtain or upgrade-to it, please contact our offices.